Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Thinking It Through - Problem solving in maths

How could we order ourselves from heaviest to lightest, without using scales?

First idea - throw some rope over the basketball hoop and haul people up to find the heaviest and lightest 
(but we decided that wouldn't be safe).

Second idea - jump off something high and the person who lands first is heavier

Guess what - we landed at the same time!

We talked about balance scales, and someone thought about using a seesaw. 
So off we went to the play-park just down the road.

We had solved the problem!

What other ideas could we have tried?

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Friendship Rocks

To end our Health unit on Being a Friend, everyone made a friendship rock as an interactive homework task, then gave it to our talk buddy of the week.
Here are our special rocks.

How do you show your friendship to someone?

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Look After Our Heritage - Old or New? What's Your View?

The children in B4, B5 and B3 are working on a Social Studies inquiry into heritage buildings. 
We have a number of heritage buildings in our small town. 

Our class went for a walk to look closely at, and sketch, features of some of our buildings.

They had time for a little play as well!

Quite a lot of time and energy goes into preserving and caring for these buildings.
Sometimes people want to make changes to them, while others want them to remain the same for ever.
Here are some of the ideas we are inquiring about:

What is your view? 
Should old buildings be treasured and looked after, or do new buildings suit our needs better?