Numeracy Links

Great links for improving your numeracy skills (and they're lots of fun as well)

Plus Happy Numbers 

Solve Me - balancing logic


The Big Numbers song

The Groups with Ten song

The Place Value song

Number flash:

Ten-frame flash:

The 10 Dance

Subitizing numbers 

Numeracy Games:
Basic Facts:

Quick practise basic facts - prototec maths

Funky Mummy  (basic facts)
Build a Water Slide (facts to 20)
Repair the Water Slide (subtraction from 20)
Math Magician
Put the Kids on the Bus-facts
Two Less Than
Classroom Capers - subtraction
Sum Sense - make subtraction number stories that make sense

Math Lines - Addition

Subtraction Games
Aztec take-away - counting back

choose - Big Bayou

Sunshine Online - (you will need class username and password)

Place value:
Splat Square (100s chart)
Mend the Number Square
Number Properties and Ordering - CrickWeb
Collect the Ducks - identify ones, tens, hundreds
Collect the Ships - identify ones, tens, hundreds, thousands
Dino Place Value
Tens and Ones:

Robin Hood Archery (doubles to 10)
Archery (doubles past 20)
Tidy Numbers:

Geometry and Measurement:

Work out the volume of the shapes

Slide, Flip and Turn

more Slide, Flip and Turn - What has happened to the letter?

Squirt the Dog (choosing angles)


Captain Slackbeard's Treasure Hunt - using co-ordinates

The calendar game 

Measure Area with this online geoboard
Measure area in this Party Designer game
Find the Perimeter

Interactive Clock
Sheppard Math - time
Tell the Time - Sheppard maths
Through the Maze - time

choose - Space Clock

Post the Shapes - translate/reflect/ rotate (slide/flip/turn)
Tessellation patterns - Mrs Yollis' class
Tessellation patterns - Mrs Kistler's class
Shape and Measurement - CrickWeb
Shape Sorter
Colour My Shape

Flip, Turn and Slide (Reflect, Rotate and Translate) with Shape Mods

Mass / Weight
Seesaw - mass/weight
Measuring with Scales - mass/weight

Fish Tank - length

Money matching
Money Matching 2
Coin Click - click coins to make an amount of money

Mr Salsich's class video about arrays and factors
Mrs Yollis' class video about arrays

Jelly Golf - nine holes of fraction fun!
Equivalent fractions  - Triplets
Big Count Bayou ( ordinal numbers)
The Counting Dock (count and identify numbers)
Musical Number Patterns

Thinking Blocks - help with problem solving