Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Creative Costumes

We've been busy practising our item and creating our costumes for the end-of-year Celebration of Learning.
We've been using the Key Competencies of 
Participating and Contributing, 
and Relating to Others 
to get the job done.

Butterflies ...

a sun ...

fairy wands ...

a dog bone ...

a toadstool ...

worms ...

a fly in a web ...


Are you intrigued by our costumes and props?

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Calendar Art - Dada Style

Our learning in art with Mrs. W. this term is based around the Dada art movement. 
The Dada art movement began in 1916 in Zurich, in response to the horror of World War 1.
The artists created nonsense art from all kinds of materials that aimed to shock people. They meant to shock people, and to make people rethink items around us so that we might rethink the world.
Our calendar pages are photo montages designed to reflect our identity.

What would you include in a montage?

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Aspire- Follow Your Dreams

One of our school values is 
which means to work for or work towards something you want; to pursue something you dream about.

We had a visitor today who talked to the children about following their dreams. 
Our visitor, John Bougen decided a few years ago he would like to visit every one of the 247 nations and territories of the world. 
To date, he has been to 230 of them!

John talked to us today about his travels, and taught us some geography at the same time.

What is your dream?
What will you need to do to achieve it?

Can you name the continents of the world?

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Taking Part in 'Shake Out'.

We live in an earthquake-prone country (that means we get lots of earthquakes), so everyone needs to know how to keep safe during a big shake.
On October 15, communities, businesses and schools around New Zealand took part in International 'Shake Out' Day.

We watched this video to help ourselves get prepared.

We know to 'drop' 'cover' and 'hold' during a shake.

When the all-clear went, we walked outside for a roll-call.

Have you ever been in an earthquake?
Why is it important to practise what to do?
What do you have in your emergency kit? 

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Global Maths Twitter Task Challenge

great idea from 

Classes from around the world can join in. The project will continue for the rest of 2015, and into 2016.  
Questions are tweeted out using the #gmttc hashtag 
(with the grade level added to the end)
Some classes have signed up to host the questions for their class level for a week, while other classes are just choosing to join in by answering the questions.

We were one of two classes hosting the questions for the week 21-25 September, using the tag #gmttc1

In B4 we like open-ended questions, where there might be more than one solution, 
and we started the week with this tweet:

There was a lot of excitement when some classes answered our first question!

We tried out our question too:

Our second problem:

and an answer from Mrs Pennell's class:

Question 3:

Question 4:

and an answer 

Our final question:

and some ideas from B4:

We also answered some questions on the #gmttc2 tag, tweeted out by

and problems tweeted out by

It has been a lot of fun and we've enjoyed seeing how everyone works out the problems.

Do you have a problem we could solve?

Year 2's Play - The Pirate and the Clever Parrot

Year 2 presented their play at the final assembly for Term 3.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Body Percussion

In Music with Mrs W. the B4 students had to create a 
body percussion/movement sequence.
We used this video as inspiration.

Here are some of our ideas: