Wednesday, July 21, 2010

This week's Wiki Writing

Check out stories by Krystal, Adam W, JiaJia, Myah, Ben, Jack, Emily, Dylan and Tristan on their wiki pages.


  1. Adam - you are very lucky to have new TVs at your house. Did you get muddy when you fell in the puddle?
    Krystal - I really like the words you chose to use in your piece of writing. It made great pictures n my head.
    JiaJia - I'm really glad that you were able to use one of the words that we brainstormed - 'drenched'. Well done.
    Myah - I'm really glad that you used one of our brainstormed words as well - 'soaked'. Well done.

  2. Ben - I really liked the way you worked independently today.
    Dylan - I hope you will show us how you learnt to fly with a cape. Did Mason have a go too?
    Emily - I like the way you were able to use some of the special words we thought of yesterday.
    Tristan - why do you think the ice melted?

  3. I went to the all blacks . I came with my mum and brother
    and me. I played sum gams.

  4. I like making wiki continue