Friday, June 15, 2012

The Oldest Person I Know

We read the story 'Night Noises' written by Mem Fox. 
In the story the main character, an old lady, is asleep in her chair, dreaming about her youth. 
She wakes when visitors arrive to give her a 
surprise 90th birthday.
We loved the words Mem Fox used when describing the main character:

'Her hair was as wispy as cobwebs in ceilings.'

'Her bones were as creaky as floorboards at midnight.'

We think those are sentences that add impact 
to the writing.
Here are our descriptions of the oldest people WE know!

Have we added impact to our writing?
Tell us about the oldest person YOU know!


  1. Mrs. McKenzie, Mrs. Wistrand and B4 students,
    I really enjoyed reading your stories. Your describing words are fabulous. I am older than most of the people in your stories. It would be a treat for you to write about this 73 year old retired principal. Maybe we can Skype sometime and have you write about me.
    Your #1 fan from San Antonio Texas USA

    1. Dear Mr Cantrell I'm Stevie and I like to do comments on the computer and it's fun.
      It is fun to read stories.

      from STEVIE

  2. Dear Richarcantrell
    Thanyou for that wonder full comment.
    My Grndma is 105 and my Granddad is 106.
    My Grandma and My Granddad are the best.

    warm wishes By Yaksh

  3. Hi Everyone,
    I LOVED reading your stories - I think I'm going to have to try this lesson with the children in my Year 2/3 class.
    Can you please tell me what programme do you use to present your work so clearly on the slides?
    From Miss Sporn in Adelaide, South Australia

    1. Hi Lisa
      I photographed the children's work and used
      SlideMyPics to make the slideshow.
      I learned about the tool from kathleen Morris at 4KM&4KJ.
      I like the webtool as the slideshows can be viewed on mobile devices too.

      Hope you have fun with the writing!

      Judy McKenzie