Sunday, July 15, 2012

Textured Landscapes: Waterfalls

During Term 2 the children worked on textured landscapes 
in Art with Mrs Wistrand.
The textures were made with twisted paper, wood shavings, egg cartons, hose pipe and shredded plastic bags.

Do you have any waterfalls in your area?
Have you ever played under a waterfall?


  1. Dear B4,

    I LOVED your textured waterfall art! The water looked like it was falling off the cliff. In fact, I could almost hear the roar of them! Well done!

    There are not any waterfalls near my house here in southern California. However, last year I visited Hawaii for my fiftieth birthday. There were several waterfalls on the island of Kauai.

    Here is a link to some photos of a place called Secret Falls. It was quite a muddy walk to get to the falls, but well worth it.

    Are there lots of waterfalls near your house?

    Your friend,
    Mrs. Y♥llis

    1. Dear Mrs Yollis
      Thank you for the comment.
      I liked the art too.
      The photos that you took were amazing! I would not go in the mud with out my gumboots.
      We have waterfalls at the river. They are little. I love going to the river in the summer time because its warmer in the summer time than winter. If I went in the winter I would be a icicle by now.

      What season is it in California?
      It`s winter in New Zealand.
      How long do your kids have their holidays?
      Reefton Area School had two weeks.
      I love the school holidays because you get to choose your own clothes.

      From L♥ukah

    2. Dear Mrs Yollis I liked your comment because you told us what you liked about our waterfalls. Your photos were amazing.
      Did you like our trees? We used newspaper and we curled the newspaper and we painted blossoms.

      yours sincerely

  2. Dear B4

    I liked your textured landscape artwork. I think that it is really smart that you used different materials for your waterfalls.

    We have many waterfalls in our area. One of them is located in the Centennial Gardens near the Napier Prison, where all the soil is imported. Unfortunately I have never played under a waterfall but I think it would be great fun, and very relaxing in summer.

    I hope you enjoy Term 3.

    Your blogging buddy
    Jodie, Room 24

  3. Hi Mrs McKenzie and B4

    There are some waterfalls in Hawkes Bay. One is at the Botanical Gardens. I have never played under a waterfall but I have heard that it is very fun.

    Your waterfall art is very cool, creative and interesting. What are textured landscapes? Are they things that are serrated, not smooth?

    From your blogging buddy
    Kadin, Room 24,

    1. Dear Kadin.
      Thank you for the comment.
      I like doing art because some time we an do amazing stuff.
      Do you do art?
      B4s art teacher is Mrs Wistrand she is very very nice.
      I am 7 years old.
      How old are you?
      My birthday is in May the 21.
      When is your birthday?
      I am in b4.
      Do you do math?

      From Lukah in b4.☆

  4. Dear B4

    I really liked your pictures! The water looked like it was actually falling off the cliff. It was amazing - I could almost hear it in my own ears.
    In Hawke’s Bay we do have waterfalls. There is Shine Falls and Maraetotara Falls. And we also have several others. At my holiday house in Waimarama Beach there is a waterfall. It is beautiful, it sparkles in the sunlight and it splashes really loudly and it is just amazing! Last summer I jumped in the waterfall and it was fantastic. I also put my hair under the waterfall. It was like a massage - it was fabulous!
    Have you ever seen or swum in a waterfall?

    Your blogging buddy
    Cody, Room 24

  5. Dear b4
    i like all waterfalls. When I look at the waterfalls they make it sound like theres a real waterfall around me. It made my day. i like the waterfalls.

    from Aleigha

  6. Dear Cody
    Thank you for the comment.
    I have never gone under a water-fall. There are no water-falls in Reefton.
    I live in Reefton.
    What part of Hawkes bay?
    Do you live in NewZealand?

    From Lukah♥

    1. Dear Lukah

      I live in hawke's Bay, New Zealand. Did you know that shine falls are at least 58 meters long, I reckon that is really big! You mostly find shine falls at scenic reserves.

      Your blogging buddy

      Cody, Room24

    2. Dear b4
      i like it when we Do Handwriting.
      from Aleigha.

    3. Dear Cody
      Thank you for the comment.
      I have never went to Hawek`s bay.
      I think that 58 meters is big?

      From Lukah♦

  7. Dear Lukah

    Its ok I love posting comments!
    Yes I think 58 meters is big to! But when I went to camp with my class we saw a 102 meter waterfall it was amazing!

    Your blogging buddy,