Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Making Huts

Some topics really capture our imaginations.
We've been talking about making huts.
We had lots of stories to tell about huts in trees; huts made with sticks; and even an imaginative candy hut!
Handy hint: Put the slideshow on fullscreen to best read the stories.)

Do you like making and playing in huts?
Tell us about your hut.


  1. It looks like the kids did a great job on their hut stories. I liked their illustrations as well. I also have to say the graphics in this blog were amazing! I look forward to visiting here again.

    ~ Michael<><
    The Color of Sound

  2. Dear Mr Michael Dobishinsky.

    My name is Mason.
    This is what we made the huts out of on our stories.
    We made it out of paper.
    I am 7 years old.
    I live in Reefton .
    I play Rugby in the under 8's.
    Dylan plays for under 10's. Dylan is my bother. He's 8 and Bonnie is my sister.
    My Mum is 40 and Dad is 42.

    from Mason

  3. Dear B4,
    I loved reading all of your stories about huts. You certainly have wonderful imaginations and did a fantastic job of describing your huts!

    I love building huts too. This summer we went camping on Shell Island (a little island in the inlets that we had all to ourselves). We built a fort, that I think you could call a hut. We used driftwood and rocks to build the hut and then we decorated it with shells and long grass.

    I can't wait to read more about your topic!

    Your friend,
    Mrs. Watson

    1. Dear Mrs Watson. My name is Zaria.I love building huts to.One warm day in summer we went camping I found a tree it was a big one.We build a hut out of it.We found pieces of wood for the seats.Then we decorated it with flowers and leaves.

      best wishes
      from Zaria