Friday, May 31, 2013

Our World, Our Numbers - the finale!

This is a cross-post from Our World, Our Numbers

(Thanks to Kathleen Morris of 4KM and 4KJ)

Since 25th February, the seven classes participating in Our World, Our Numbers have enjoyed:
  • learning about different areas of mathematics from their friends in other countries
  • making comparisons and contrasts between their lives and the lives of their blogging buddies
  • sharing mathematical knowledge and skills
  • using a range of tools to create posts
  • engaging in rich conversations through commenting
It is now time to finish up the Our World, Our Numbers project. To conclude this wonderful learning experience, all of the classes have been working collaboratively on a collection of mathematical poems.
Watch the Sliderocket below to see the classes perform:
  • The Skip Counting Song (B4, New Zealand)
  • Aussie Doubling Ditty (4KM and 4KJ, Australia)
  • What is a Million? (Room with a View, England)
  • Triangle Trouble (Mr Avery's Class, Massachusetts, USA)
  • Smart (Mrs Yollis' Class, California, USA)
  • Shapes, Shapes, Shapes (Mrs Watson's Class, Canada)

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