Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Thank you, Development West Coast

This year the Year 1-8 classes in our school were lucky enough to be part of the final roll-out of funding 
from Development West Coast to purchase 
technology equipment.
For two years our class has piloted the use of a set of devices, sharing with one other class, but now we don't have to share as all of our primary classes have a set of devices and some have new desktop computers too.

We love using apps to practice towards our goals in numeracy and literacy, 
but we also use apps to create, such as -
  finding arrays around the classroom and 
annotating in Skitch

(thanks to our friend Mrs Yollis for that great maths idea!)

also using Skitch to expand our vocabulary

 and filming our buddies explaining their learning

What is your favourite technology to use in the classroom? 

Do you have a favourite app?

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