Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Magic Forest and the Babbling Brook

We had a fabulous time on our class picnic at Slab Hut Creek. It's our favourite place to go. 
Rain was forecast, but the day was hot and sunny!

After a walk along a mossy track where we 
were surrounded by native trees, 
we played in the nearby pine forest. 
It was magic, with lots of huts to build and fun to have. 
After our picnic lunch we used the sun to cook some more s'mores in our solar ovens, then we were off to the creek.

What is your favourite end-of-the-school-year event?


  1. Dear B4
    My favourite part of going to slub hut was hoping in the creck because it cooled me off. My anthor thing that I liked was playing sneek up grany. I couldent go up because they where to fast. when we went home I forgot that I had my wet clothes In the back of the car intol this morning now the car is wet and smelly.nana said "what is that smell" because she forgot all about it to. now nana has to clean the car out the car today and put smellys in it and I have to help her because It was my clothes what made the smell in the car. I said " do I have to" she said " yes"
    from jamie

  2. Dear b4 what I like best about slab hut is the river. Because people scitered and scater throuh the water. by Reagan

  3. dear b4
    B4 went to slub hut creek.
    I injo it. We got to have smorse. We had fun.And we went to the magic forst
    we mate huts that why they brobli cotd it sliub hut creek.

    by samuel

  4. dear b4
    I had fun at slab hut. Slab hut was amazing because there was hepse of tiks to do. I was satrated.

  5. Dear B4
    My favorite part of slab hut creek is throing stones .I also like the magic forest . It is cool because we were bulding a hut .

    By Bradley

  6. dear b4 my most favrite thining was to go the creek. I slipped over 6 times and I wet my hat and put it on my head.

    by Billy