Wednesday, April 16, 2014

'Mateship' - An ANZAC chat with Tipperary Station

The commemorations for ANZAC Day on April 25th happen during our school holidays this year, so we are spending time this week thinking about it in class.

While there is traditionally a friendly rivalry between the two countries, troops from both countries saw action together at Gallipoli in World War 1.  

Tipperary Station, a small Australian outback school of 6 pupils, asked if we would like to do a Skype to talk about the meaning of 'mateship'.
Only 6 pupils!

To kick off our thinking, both classes read
'Simpson and His Donkey' by Mark Greenwood
and Frane Lessac.

Both classes had the same book!

During our skype chat we decided that mateship meant taking care of each other, sticking up for each other, being a good friend and sticking together. 
Another word for mateship is friendship!

We looked more closely at two pictures from the book.

What might the soldiers in the boat be saying to give each other support?

How are the soldiers in this picture showing mateship towards each other?

Thank you to our new mates from Tipperary Station. 
We hope we get to learn with you again!


  1. Hi B4. We have been reading some of your wiki's and think your writing is great. We were keen to comment on some of the writing we read today but couldn't find a comment link on the wiki. We were wondering how easy you find it adding to your wiki? Did it take you long to learn how to do it by yourself, or do your parents or teachers help you to upload your work? We think it is a neat way to display your work.
    from Room 6 Clyde School

    1. Dear Room 6
      It's very nice that you've been reading our wiki. We like having our wiki pages because we can write on them.
      It is sort of easy to learn how to get on our wiki, but some of us need help and practice.
      At the moment, Mrs Mckenzie uploads photos of our work, but next term we will learn to do it.
      We don't do comments on our wiki pages, sorry.

      bye for now
      Have a good holiday
      Mrs Mckenzie and B4

  2. Dear B4.
    The soldiers in the tent are showing mateship because one of them is helping the aver soldier shave his bed off. And that is nice!

    your friend Caleb.

  3. Dear b4
    I think that mateship is when you take care one and onther and stiking up for ech other . mateship is like friendship
    by devontay

  4. Dear b4
    i hope you have a great day at school. I got some friends today that is Reagan and Jamie and Anika because I was playing with them yesterday.
    Can you do anything?
    from Ashantay

  5. Dear B4
    I love Anzac Day!!! It is really good. I can not wate!!!

    bye for now

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  7. Dear b4
    I love Anzac Day!!! It is really good. I can not wait, because I wont to martch in the parade!

    bye for now

  8. Dear mrs mckenzie
    you are the best teacher.

    from Ashantay