Sunday, July 13, 2014

Our School Song

Students from B3 and B2 presented our new school song at Repertory for Kids in the last week of term. 

The song, called Takatü-Ana Te Ako A-Mate-Noa, 
(which is our school motto and means 'engage in life-long learning') 
showcases our R.A.S. values;
Respect, Aspire, Self-manage.

We think the song is very catchy and we look forward to learning all of the words!

What is your favourite verse?
Visitors - does your school have a school song?


  1. Der B4
    We are all great singers! I enjoyed this song.
    Do you like this song?
    Here the song is.
    Paparoas are our mountains (maunga) inagahua our awa (our river)
    Kawatiri me te mawhera (our whanau).

    We all enjoy the song!

    sincerely Caleb.

  2. What a great school song! We have a school song, called Te Kura Ki Rawhiti, you can hear it/read it here: