Thursday, February 19, 2015

Proving Our Learning

One of the maths groups was challenged to show what they remembered from last year about adding 2-digit numbers. This is what they came up with.

Do you know another strategy they could use to add 2-digit numbers?


  1. Hello buddies!

    Wow! You are really good at this maths things! Most of us are still learning our numbers, but one day we will be as good as you.

    Bye for now

    Room 4 - Broadlands School

    1. Kia ora Room 4
      Thank you for your comment. We love to do maths in B4. It is fun because we get to use the equipment. It is fun to play the maths games. We get to use the ipads and the ipods!
      Some of us are learning the patterns of numbers to make 10.

      Do you like maths?
      What are your favourite numbers?
      What do you like to do at maths time?

      warm wishes