Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Window Screens

At certain times of the year the sunshine pours in through our  classroom windows, making it hard to see our interactive whiteboard.
We used to put up black paper, 
but now we have some beautiful window screens made in art with Mrs. W.

After planning the designs, we used permanent waterproof markers to make the designs on the plastic sheets (we used big rubbish bags!)

To be successful we had to:
  • include flowers in our design (this term's art focus)
  • fill up all the sheets 
  • use some solid shapes
  • vary the thickness of the lines
  • vary the sizes and shapes
  • repeat shapes

Our design incorporates our school PB4L values, which are taken from our school name:
(Reefton Area School)


We also had to use our Key Competency of 
Relating to Others 
by taking turns and sharing the markers.

Is your school a PB4L school?
What are your school values?

B4 - what did you most enjoy about making the screens?


  1. These are awesome b4. You guys are so good at art. I'll have to try this with my year 4 children. Ka ma te wehi!

  2. deer b4 thanks it is cool and hrad we weased poscr macrs they were water
    proth it look like a riobor

  3. Dear B4,
    our window screens look really awesome! Everyone did a great job at doing the art screens. It was a great art focus. We all had a turn at using the white marker to draw flowers and colur with the colur markers. Our window screens had RESPECT ASPIRE and SELF MANAGE on them
    from Lily

  4. Dear B4
    Our window screens look awesome. Everyone did a great job at doing
    the art. My favourite one is the one with the big flower .

    From Shanelle.

  5. Dear B4,
    our window screens look amazing .

    B4 you did a really good job .

    My favourite peart was drowring the flowers .

    Firstly it was heard but then it got easier .

    what was your favourite thing .
    from Anika

  6. Dear B4,
    The window screens look great.
    We all did a good job.
    Firstly it was hard but then it got easier.
    The best part for me was drawing the flower.
    what was the best part for you?
    By Taylah

  7. Hi B4. I like you window screens. from Madison

  8. Dear B4

    WOW! they look amazing!
    It looks like you have put heaps of work into it.

    Yes my school is a PB4L school

    I just wont them on my windows at home!

    From Caleb from B3