Saturday, September 12, 2015

Teach the Teacher -the second week

We are all ako (learners) in B4, and we are all teachers too!

In this second series of our Teach the Teacher clips 
we learn about amethyst, and are shown how to make a motorbike plough, make a caterpillar, draw a demolition digger, draw a house without lifting your pen off the paper, and how to draw a person.

Did you learn something new or surprising from us?


  1. Dear b4
    My Mummy used to help my koro hand-milk his cows. He and my nanny made milk , cheese , butter and all dairy products. I like cows milk straight from the vat
    from Bobby

  2. Kia ora from sunny Mahana. I thoroughly enjoyed watching your teaching videos and am now inspired to do this with my class. Thanks for the inspiration. I wonder what you will get up to next...?