Thursday, October 15, 2015

Taking Part in 'Shake Out'.

We live in an earthquake-prone country (that means we get lots of earthquakes), so everyone needs to know how to keep safe during a big shake.
On October 15, communities, businesses and schools around New Zealand took part in International 'Shake Out' Day.

We watched this video to help ourselves get prepared.

We know to 'drop' 'cover' and 'hold' during a shake.

When the all-clear went, we walked outside for a roll-call.

Have you ever been in an earthquake?
Why is it important to practise what to do?
What do you have in your emergency kit? 

1 comment:

  1. William says that he was in the Christchurch earthquakes.
    Kyle says there was one at Clyde School, but it wasn't a big one.
    Avie said - Once at Clyde school we felt a shake and we all went to a safe meeting place.
    Meisha was in an earthquake in Christchurch.
    We did the earthquake drill yesterday. Jakes says - we couldn't go under our tables because they are too small, so we went into a turtle.
    Piper says - it's important to practise what to do in case there is a real one.
    From Clyde School Juniors