Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Calendar Art - Dada Style

Our learning in art with Mrs. W. this term is based around the Dada art movement. 
The Dada art movement began in 1916 in Zurich, in response to the horror of World War 1.
The artists created nonsense art from all kinds of materials that aimed to shock people. They meant to shock people, and to make people rethink items around us so that we might rethink the world.
Our calendar pages are photo montages designed to reflect our identity.

What would you include in a montage?


  1. Amy would include chippies, toys, love hearts, photos of herself, photos of her sister Kaley ....

    Harry put huskies on his (he loooovvves huskies), monkeys and a Police dog...

    Hayley would put Katy Perry pictures on it, a photo of herself with lipstick kisses on her cheek, and lots of love hearts (and maybe some gymnastics pictures)...

    Tanush would put cars, photos of himself running, monkeys and some wheels ...

    Manvi would put pictures of Lord Ganesha, the Taj Mahal, different Gods of India, photos of herself and her family ...

    Emma would put pictures of herself doing ballet, Angelina Ballerina, flowers and flowers....

    Rosie would put pictures about fashion - wedding dresses, jewellery, hand bags and shoes ...

    Ayla would put a whole lot of animals on her one, hearts and a picture of herself making silly faces ...

    Hope would add a picture of her dog Daisy, skiing pictures and love hearts ...

    Adit would add trains, planes and books and a picture of himself like a train driver driving a car ...

    Steven would put lots of dinosaurs and Jurrasic World pictures. There would be a picture of Steven with binoculars, wearing safari clothes and looking at a T-Rex ....

    Olivia would make a montage of lollies and photos of herself jumping ...

    Mugundhan would add transport pictures and photos of his family and our class ...

    Libby would put gummy bears on hers and a picture of herself and her family ...

    Avni would do one full of fairies, love hearts and pictures of herself :)

    From B5 Eastern Hutt School

    1. Dear B5,
      Thank you for the comment. I like Steven's one because I love Jurrasic World. My favourite is the Adominis Rex.
      Today in Reefton is raining.
      From Ben.

  2. Dear b5
    My art work has tractors on it. And silly faces on it. And awesome style names.

    your blogging buddy From Ryan

  3. Dear B5
    If you did the calendar art work they would look great.
    Are you going to do a dance?

    from Flynn

  4. Dear B4
    The calendar art is amazing . I like it. It looks like fun.
    by Bobby

  5. Dear B4
    the calendar art is cool. I like the calendar art.
    by Wyatt

  6. Dear B4
    I like how you did the calendar art . The first one I like is Anika's one. It looks cool.
    from Hayley

  7. Dear B5.

    I am surprised that you guys have an Ayla in your classroom.
    from Ayla.

  8. Dear Mrs. Yollis
    What is it like there? Is it nice or bad there? Do you know what it is like here? It is raining here.
    I like dinosaurs in jurrasic world do you know that there are T-Rex?
    I love blue because the sky is blue.

    from Michael

  9. Dear B4

    I decided what I was putting. I put newspaper and put my photo.

    by Aldrine