Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Wearing Onesies for 100 Days of School!

It's two days into the third term of our school year, and today is our 100th day of school.
We have been using our classroom calendar and a 10-frames chart to count the days.

Part-way through, we started a new chart as well, to collect the number pairs that make 100.
Can you see any patterns?

We wore our onesies or our pyjamas for maths.

One of our activities was to choose a number and see if we could share 100 objects into equal groups of that number.

We made ...

10 groups of 10
2 groups of 50
4 groups of 25
100 groups of 1
5 groups of 20

50 groups of 2

20 groups of 5

Some numbers didn't work out exactly and
there were some left-overs.

4 didn't make equal groups

6 didn't make equal groups

3 didn't make equal groups

9 didn't make equal groups

11 didn't make equal groups

12 didn't make equal groups.

Here is a challenge for you!

The answer is 100.
What might the question be?

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  1. Great 100 day count activities! We celebrated 101 days at Kaipara Flats today.