Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Thinking It Through - Problem solving in maths

How could we order ourselves from heaviest to lightest, without using scales?

First idea - throw some rope over the basketball hoop and haul people up to find the heaviest and lightest 
(but we decided that wouldn't be safe).

Second idea - jump off something high and the person who lands first is heavier

Guess what - we landed at the same time!

We talked about balance scales, and someone thought about using a seesaw. 
So off we went to the play-park just down the road.

We had solved the problem!

What other ideas could we have tried?

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  1. HI B4
    We were really surprised to learn that your teacher and the child reached the ground at the same time. We wondered why that might be. We
    thought that using a see-saw was a great idea. We don't have a see-saw in Clyde.
    From your Clyde Kea buddies