Tuesday, July 25, 2017

100 Days of School!

The first day of Term 3 was our 100th day of school for 2017.
All year we have been counting the days using our tens-frame chart, and writing the matching equations.

We've noticed the tidy numbers that ended with a 10, and those that ended with a 5.
We've counted in tens and fives.
We've learned a lot about the place value of numbers.
We worked out the ways that one hundred can be split into groups
4 groups of twenty-five

20 groups of five

10 groups of ten

50 groups of two

2 groups of 50

We wrote about the things we've been told 100 times or more!
(template freebie came from this blog)

And finally, we had a special treat at lunchtime, with movie, popcorn, ice-cream, and pyjamas!

What have you been told 100 times or more?


  1. Dear Mrs. McKenzie and class,

    Happy 100th Day of School! That is quite a number!

    My name is Mrs. Yollis and I am a third grade teacher in Los Angeles, California. Since it is summer here in the northern hemisphere, I am on summer vacation and so are my students. Our school year begins on August 23.

    I loved reading your stories about what you have been told 100 times. Let me tell you something funny. We have an African gray parrot named Harvey. We also have a naughty yellow Labrador retriever named Buck. Whatever Harvey hears hundreds of time, he will repeat. Guess what Harvey has learned to say, "No, Buck! No!"

    What is an activity that you could do hundreds of times? For Buck, he could play catch hundreds of time a day!

    Your friend,
    Mrs. Yollis
    Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

    1. B4 and Mrs McKenzieJuly 26, 2017 at 9:43 AM

      Dear Mrs. Yollis
      We hope you are having as good time in the summer. In Reefton, it is winter. We are hoping for some snow to play in.

      We talked about your question, and here are some of our ideas:
      Brooke - I could do writing, because I like it!
      Nat - play on my computer all day
      Latesha - listen to music on my ipod
      Jake - ride my bike in the driveway on the farm
      Lilly - play on my tablet
      Jarna - I could run around the house 100 times
      Paige - play with my kitten
      Bree - ride my motorbike in the bumpy paddocks
      Dean - get covered in sand and scare my sister!
      Jamie - play with Lego
      Kane - pat my dog because I like him
      Zak - play with my Lego
      Emma - play with my Lego
      Sophie - ride my horse called Booty
      Alex - ride my dirt bike and my trials bike (they are motorbikes)
      Amy - ride a horse when I get the chance to
      Hannah - sleep!
      Conrad - tackle my cousin Bree when we play rugby
      Ashley - making forts with blankets and pillows
      Skyla - pat my dog

      What activity would you like to do 100 times?

      bye for now
      Mrs. McKenzie and B4

    2. @ Mrs. McKenzie and B4,

      Thank you for your prompt response to my blog comment! Wow!

      I loved reading your responses. What a lot of variety!

      You asked me to name an activity that I would like to do 100 times. Hmmm, that's tough. I'd like to play my ukelele 100 times. I am a novice player and could certainly use the practice! I only know five songs, so I'd have to play them each how many times to reach 100?

      Have a wonderful winter day! It is Wednesday evening here, so I need to go make dinner.

      Mrs. Yollis
      Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

  2. Dear Mrs. McKenzie’s class,

    Hello, my name is Daisy! I am a college student in New York who is learning how to become a teacher. I know your 100th day of school was a while ago now, but I really enjoyed reading about all the activities you did with the number 100!

    I think it is interesting that so many of you thought of being told to do chores 100 times, especially cleaning your rooms. Why do you think that so many of you thought about things like cleaning your room and doing dishes? Because I live far away from home while I am at school, I think I have been told “I miss you,” at least 100 times. I have said it 100 times, too! I am also impressed by how many different groups you were able to break up 100 into. Were you surprised by how many ways you can break up 100? Did you think there would be more ways, or less?

    Thank you for sharing about your 100th day of school!