Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Building Our Growth Mindsets

Our 2018 school year is underway!

During the first week back we used videos and activities from 

Jo Boaler's Week of Inspirational Maths
to get our brains thinking again.

Over the past couple of years we've been working on maths in different ways, working in mixed groups to figure out rich tasks that develop our math thinking. 

We've been learning to talk about our learning and to challenge others to explain their thinking. 
We've also been learning that mistakes make our brains grow! Our new saying is 'a mistake is a first attempt in learning'.

The 'Building Shapes' activity got us working as a team to try the challenges. Each team had to convince the 'skeptics' that we'd created the shapes.

Did you notice some groups who kept trying until they found success?

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