Monday, April 26, 2010

Mmmm, Anzac biscuits!

Mmmm, I can smell Anzac biscuits. They smell yummy. They look steaming golden brown. I hope they melt in my mouth.
We baked them in the cooking room. It was so much fun.
We had rolled oats. After that we put in 2 tablespoons of hot water. Before that we put baking soda in a cup. It went all frothy and bubbly.
I mixed some stuff.
Finally we got to test the taste. It was yummy, scrummy in my tummy.
by Geneva

Have you ever made Anzac biscuits? I have. I love the smell of them.
My hands got gooey.
I took 3 photos of the Anzac biscuits.
Then finally we got to eat them when we got to our classroom. They were good, tasty and crunchy.
I had great fun making Anzac biscuits.
by Amber


  1. one of my storys are on the blog page.It is about anzac biscuits

  2. thankyou for bringing home an Anzac biscuit for us to share - it was delicious.