Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Friends in Canada! :)

Today we looked at the blog page of Mrs Watson's 123 class in Canada and left them a comment. This afternoon they have sent us back a comment. Read it under our Anzac video posting. We are very excited to think that we have new friends in Canada. We have a link on our page so we can read their blog.


  1. Iti was fun looking at another blog

  2. Dear Mrs. McKenzie and B4

    Paivaa (Hello)

    Thank you (Kiitos) for writing us back and teaching us some new words. We all tried to say them!

    The early people that settled our island were Finnish and so many of the older people speak Finnish.
    We think that your science topic sounds like a lot of fun. We studied solids, liquids, and gases last term and did some fun experiments.
    We are working on information reports too. We each picked a Canadian animal to research. We have a wiki where we are recording our research and we are making Glogs on Glogster about our animals. What kind of reports are you writing?
    In math the grade 3’s are also working on multiplication, but the grade 2’s are still working on addition and subtraction.
    Can you tell us some more about your town?
    Nakemiin (Goodbye)

    Mrs. W and the 1/2/3’s

    *Mrs. Watson had to call one of the older Finnish people to find out how to say hello and goodbye.

  3. I think it is cool looking at another blog fom Canada!