Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bob's Books

Today Bob Docherty came to school to talk about books. Bob used to work for the National Library and he has read lots of books.
Bob wants us to READ, READ, READ.

Bob read us two stories - 'Little Beauty' by Anthony Browne and 'The Wild Girl' by Chris Wormell.
Bob told us about these other good books too, but he didn't tell us the endings so now we want to read:
'Really, Really High Diving Tower' by David Metzenthen, 'Birdbrain Amos' by Michael Delaney,
'No Such Thing as Dragons' by Phillip Reeve,
'BMX Bully' by Jake Maddox,
'Cool!' and 'Running Wild' both by Michael Morpurgo.

Thanks Bob, we always like to hear about good books.

B4, which book would you like us to read first?