Saturday, August 21, 2010

Elementary VoiceThreads

Last term we posted the VoiceThread that we had made about our school on to the
Elementary VoiceThreads wiki, which is based in America. Some other schools added their voices to it, and that was very exciting, and we enjoyed finding out about other schools.

Then right at the end of last term we finished this VoiceThread that we made about our community and also posted it on the wiki.

Now the summer break in America is over and schools are back in session. The creator of the wiki, Mark Carls, emailed me this week. He thought that our community VoiceThread was a great idea and he has highlighted it on their front page.

We hope that children from around the world will answer the questions that we asked, and add comments about their communities.

If your school would like to add a photo about their community please email me at


  1. Did we had this last term?

  2. Hello Tristan
    Yes, we made this last term when the Year 4s were there. Do you remember that you made the comments for the picture of Reefton?
    from Mrs McKenzie