Friday, April 15, 2011

Dylan writes a post

Dear Everybody
This is my class emblem. 
It took me about two days.
I chose a kiwi on the road, a rugby course and 
the computers in my class, 
because it's about my class and New Zealand.

by Dylan

What would you put on your class emblem?
Do you wear an emblem on any of your clothing?


  1. Dear Dylan
    Miss Esnouf and I are impressed with the way you have presented your emblem. It is clear and detailed and attractive to look at.
    We also noticed the way you stuck to your plan that you had formed after your group discussions.
    Well done Dylan.

    from Mrs M♔Kenzie

  2. Dylan,
    Your emblem is beautifully done and you have truly represented your country and your school.
    If were to create an emblem for my school I would have a dolphin because it is our school mascot, the Hawaiian Islands because that is where I live, a volleyball and basketball to represent the sports our school participates in and a rainbow because we are called the rainbow state.
    Mrs. Jacobs

  3. Dear Dylan,
    Sadly my school doesn't have anything nearly as cool as your emblem. We have a school mascot, the eagle, though. It's very majestic in more of a nature sort of way.

    My favorite part of your emblem was how you blended the symbol of your country, sports and your classroom. That took lots of thinking and planning. Well done!!!

    Mrs. Ratzel

  4. Dylan, I just found your school website today and I enjoyed touring through the site. You have made a nice emblem. Our school is in San Antonio Texas not far from Mrs. Kistler's school. We are the Longs Creek Cowboys. Just can just imagine what we would put on our school emblem. I love all the activities I see your class doing. Let's keep in touch. You can visit our school website at Hugs and High Five to you and all in your class mates. Mr. Cantrell Principal of Longs Creek Elementary School

  5. Dear Dylan,
    What a spectacular emblem! I think you did a marvelous job of choosing things that represent your country and your school. I love the detail you put into your emblem and the obvious time and care you put into colouring it.

    If I had to design an emblem for our little island and school I think I would include the Pacific Ocean, mountains, forests, our local wildlife (whales, eagles, and deer), and people holding hands to represent our sense of community.

    This might be a great project for the 2/3's! Thanks for the inspiration and for sharing your beautiful emblem with everyone.

    Your friend,
    Mrs. W

  6. Dylan, this is such a great emblem, I really like the ideas that you came up with yourself and also I like that it reflects a lot about New Zealand in the design, I think people could learn a lot from looking at your work, even people who are not familiar to New Zealand, actually I know that's true because I can see all the comments above from people around the world! We have a school logo that we have on all our uniforms, stationary etc but we don't have to wear it ourselves as teachers!
    Mr Webb and Room 8, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, Waikato.

  7. Dear Dylan,

    Wow, that is a fantastic emblem! I can tell that you worked very hard on it. I like how your emblem shares what is important to you and your classmates. Your description is also very helpful. I noticed the words “All Blacks.” Is that the name of the rugby team you support? I think I may have heard it as a favorite from other students as well. I’m glad you shared that the bird you drew was called a kiwi bird. Could you tell me why it is on the road? Is it because it worked well with your design or is there more of a story you could share?

    I think that computers would also be on our class emblem. :) There are some shirts I wear that have emblems or logos on them. The shirt I have on now has the emblem of our local baseball team, the Detroit Tigers. Their logo is an old english D. The tiger is also a feature. I have loved to support this team ever since I was a little girl.

    Thank you for sharing your lovely artwork!

    Your fans,
    Mrs. M❀❀re and the Techie Kids

  8. Dear every one
    Thank you for the comments. They are real nice. I am proud of my work.

    from Dylan
    and Matthew

  9. Hi B4,

    The album looks great and the Kiwi and the rugby course looks brilliant.

    from Edanah & 3/4G