Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Postcard Project Up-date

We are so enjoying being part of the postcard project, created by Ms Leakey in NZ!
Every week or so another postcard arrives and we put it up beside our world map.
We are learning a lot of Geography this year.
We might need to use a larger wall soon!
This week and next, we will be writing some more postcards 
to send out to other classes on the list. 

Have you received a postcard from us?
What did you learn about New Zealand or Reefton from our postcard?


  1. Hi B4,
    I'm glad you are enjoying The Postcard Project. Your display of all the postcards looks fabulous! I was wondering what the pieces of paper are that are backed onto green, yellow and red paper. I enlarged the picture but still couldn't quite make it out.
    Sorry you haven't received our postcard yet. We haven't forgotten, it'll be on it's way to you soon.
    From Miss. Leakey and The Pirates

  2. Dear b4
    I like my birthday. My dad likes my birthday too and I like to go to theswimming pool.
    After school I like to play and I like my flat Sophie and my flat
    Sophie is at school. My sister likes to eat. She is 3 and I have 4
    sisters and we like our flat Stanleys.
    by Joberth.

  3. Dear B4,

    I love the bulletin board you have put up for your post cards! I agree, we are learning so much about geography through this project.

    We are waaaaaaaay behind on our end, but we are fixing it this week!

    Your friend,
    Mrs. Y♥llis

  4. We're really enjoying the postcard project too! Your display looks great; I love the heading. We have a large display too but it is outgrowing the board. Its interesting to see that your map looks different to ours - to make the UK come into the centre of the map it has New Zealand on the right hand side.
    We are on holiday now and hoping that more postcards have been delivered whilst we are away.
    We are very excited that Magnie is on his way to you too :)

    Ms Breyley, Burravoe School, Shetland

  5. Dear Miss Leakey
    Thank you for your comment.
    The coloured papers show classes that we have skyped with or have an extra connection with in some way. It's just a way of keeping track for us!

    Mrs McKenzie

  6. Dear Mrs Mckenzie
    i think we do need a new wall because our wall is nearly fill with post. I love sending posts
    to other people

    By Tyla

  7. Dear B4,
    We received your Reefton postcard a few weeks ago and were so excited to get mail from our New Zealand friends again :)

    We worked on our postcards the end or March and so hopefully it will arrive shortly.

    We have our postcards on a board very similar to yours. It is so fun seeing where each postcard is from.

    Your friends,
    Mrs. W and the 2/3's