Friday, November 25, 2011

Connecting with Connecticut

This week we had the chance to skype with some of our quad-blogging buddies,

Our school day usually starts at 8.50 am 
but we started our skype session at 8.30 am (Wednesday) 
to fit in with Mr Salsich's class 
where it was 2.30pm (Tuesday).
We can only manage to do this during our summer when our clocks are put forward and it's winter in Connecticut and the clocks are put back.

Chase, Maura, Anthony, Carla, Joey, Creighton and Hanna shared some facts about the state of Connecticut and we shared facts about the country of New Zealand.
Then we had time to answer questions and to share 
items of interest.

We met Mr Salsich's class mascots.
 Shea introduced us to Perezoso the Sloth and
Joey introduced us to Juan Pablo, the green tree frog.

Ganda introduced our mascot, Quicksilver the Kea.
Nathan showed his rugby ball. 
It is a little different to an American football 
as it doesn't have laces.
Paige shared her toy lamb, 
because New Zealand has lots of sheep!

All too soon it was time for Mr Salsich's students 
to get ready for home, 
and time for us to get on with the rest of our day.
What similarities and differences did you notice?
Each place has a similar population but which place has more room for the people?
What is the difference between a state and a country?
What questions do you still have?


  1. Skype is so awesome. That would be so fun to do it with another class.

  2. Dear B4,

    It was so much fun Skyping with you last week! Thank you for coming in a little early so we could talk with you. We all thought it was neat that you were a day ahead of us.

    I really enjoyed seeing the things you brought in to show us, like the rugby ball, the toy lamb, and your mascot Quiksilver. We are going to try to learn more about keas and kiwis this week. A few students knew a little about the kiwi bird, but none of us had ever heard of a kea before. Is it kind of like a parrot that lives on the ground?

    Your blogging buddy,
    Mr. Salsich