Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Trees 2011

Every year in the last week of school 
each class gets a 
Christmas tree to decorate.
  Here are last year's trees.
The trees sit in the hall foyer during the Celebration of Learning and families can buy the trees. 
Money votes are also cast for the favourite tree.
Any profits go to 'Who Cares', a local community support group.

This year we had a theme of seasons and B4 got SPRING.
We made these cute little lambs and some blossom balls for our tree.

Check out the trees. They are all beautiful.

Spring by B4 (Yr 1/2/3)
Spring by Rm 2 (Yr 6/7)
Summer by B2 (Yr 5/6)
Summer by Rm 8 (Yr 8)
Autumn by B3 (Yr 3/4/5)
Autumn by Rm 4 (Yr 9)
Winter by B5 (Yr 1/2)
Winter by Year 10

Do you have a favourite tree?
Do you have your Christmas tree up yet?


  1. Hi Mrs McKenzie and B4,
    What a fantastic idea! I love that you have had a lovely time decorating the trees and raised some money for a local support group. I especially like the tree that you decorated because your lambs look a lot like puffs of snow sprinkled over the tree! We have a chrismtas tree up in our classroom and yesterday we made some decorations to put on in. Do you have one in your room yet?
    Enjoy your last week at school,
    Ms Dowling and K/1D

  2. I LOVE Christmas trees!! These are absolutely beautiful! I'm very impressed! I'm sure your school looks very festive - thank you for showing these photographs as it has really cheered me up!

    Miss Harrison
    Black Mountain Primary

  3. Merry Christmas B4 from Prince George, BC CANADA!

    Your Christmas card arrived in the mail today and we read that your last of day of school is December 9th. I hope this comment reaches you before you are done for holidays!

    Thank-you for sending a card to Mrs. Rice's Grade 1 class. We had 5 different cards arrive in the mail today and yours was the biggest hit because it came from so far away.

    Enjoy your holiday. We still have school next week then only get 2 weeks off. We return back to school on January 3rd.

    All the best,
    Kathy Rice
    Grade 1
    Spruceland Traditional Elementary School