Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Special Friends

It's always wonderful to hear from or catch up with 
special friends 
and in the last two weeks of school this happened three times!

First we received an amazing story written by our friends 
in 2KM and 2KJ in Leopold, Australia.

In the story Santa has to save the Internet by discovering the meaning of Christmas. 
Following clues Santa is led around the world and ends up visiting all of 2KM/2KJ's blogging buddies, including us, gathering Christmas values as he goes. 

By the end of the story Santa knows that the meaning of Christmas involves the values of happiness, giving, friendship, sharing and togetherness.
Thank you Mrs Morris, Miss Jordan and 2KM/2KJ for a fantastic story and surprise.

Secondly, we heard from Miss Esnouf 
who taught in B4 in Term 1. 
Miss Esnouf is Australian and while she was here tried very hard to turn us into little Aussies too (especially because of the World Cup Rugby).
Miss Esnouf sent us this lovely book called 'Santa Koala'. 

The story is a song sung to the tune of 'Waltzing Matilda'.
The animals try to help Santa out but end up delivering the presents a week early!
Thanks Miss Esnouf, the story was very popular on the listening post last week. :)

Finally, on our last day of school we skyped with 
our good friends Mrs Watson and her 2/3/ class in Canada.
We talked about Christmas and Our World, Our Stories, we compared local wildlife, we got to sing some songs to each other and even a song together!

You can see their post about our skype session here.

Thank you everyone for the special times.
Merry Christmas to you all.


  1. Dear Mrs. McKenzie and B4,
    We were so happy that we could be a part of your last day of school. Chatting with all of you is so much fun!

    We hope that you will all have a wonderful Christmas and a great summer break. We are looking forward to hearing all about the fun you had when you get back to school in the new year.

    Your friends,
    Mrs. W and the 2/3s

  2. Dear Mrs McKenzie and B4,

    We are so glad that you enjoyed our story as we sure had a lot of fun writing it. It was hard to get everyone's ideas in the story because everyone had such great ideas!

    It sounds like you had a lovely end to the term with your friends.

    We also wanted to send you a big THANK YOU for the beautiful card and the Pineapple Lumps. We had never seen a card with a QR code before and many of us had never tried the Pineapple Lumps. They were delicious!

    Happy holidays!

    Your friend,
    Mrs Morris