Friday, January 27, 2012

A Belated Christmas Greeting Arrives

During our summer holidays a Christmas card arrived for us from Mrs Kathy Rice and her Grade 1 class 
in Prince George, BC, Canada.
Look at all the snow!

Thank you Mrs Rice and Grade 1, for the lovely card, photos and letter.
What similarities and differences can you notice in the 
games that are played, 
favourite summer and winter activities,
and our communities and schools?

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  1. Summer holidays in the middle of winter?!? Can you explain how that works?

    My Gr.1's really enjoyed sending cards all around the world - we hope you liked ours. Thank you to Mrs. McKenzie's students from last year for sending us one as well.

    ... and yes, it can get very cold in some parts of Canada, but we like to make the most of it! I'm including a link to a picture of a "frozen bubble". The entire class went outside one day during some colder weather (-32C) and we had fun blowing bubbles.

    Frozen Bubble!/kriceSD57/status/160146428579151872/photo/1

    Keep in touch.
    Mrs. Rice