Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Stopping the Summer Reading Slide

At the start of each summer we send home book packs 
with each child, then over the summer 
we open the school on three days for the children to come in 
and swap their books. 
Today was the final book swap, as school 
starts again in two weeks.
These keen readers were first in the door!

Well done to everyone who has made the effort to read over the summer.

What books have you read this summer?
What else have you enjoyed doing over the summer?


  1. Dear B4,

    I think it is really cool to do a book swap over the summer! It would be great if we did something similar to that at our school.

    It is not summer here in the United States, so I am going to tell you the books that I have been reading over winter.

    I have been reading all types of books so I am just going to name the series.

    • Ramona books

    • Judy Moody

    • Henry and Ribsy

    • Puppy place

    Last summer I went to the beach, a water park called Hurricane Harbor, had play dates with friends, and went on camping trips.

    What do you like to do during the summer?


    1. Dear Leila
      We think the book swap is a great idea too! Not only do the children get to borrow books to read over the summer, but each time they come to swap they get to choose a brand-new book to take home and keep forever!

      I'm glad to hear that you like the Judy Moody books because I've just bought a set for our classroom. I'm thinking that some of the older children in B4 will like them. (When school starts again on 31 January the B4 children will be aged 6 and 7).
      I've read some Ramona books in the past but haven't come across Henry and Ribsy, so I'll have to watch out for some.

      What is your favourite winter-time activity?

      Mrs M♔Kenzie

    2. Dear Mrs. McKenzie,

      Thank you for commenting back to me!

      I think you will love the Judy Moody books, I am glad you bought them for your classroom. I am just about ready to start another one!

      My favorite winter activity is skiing with my family. What's yours?

      What is the most popular book store in Reefton? Because if you have Barnes and Noble I am positive you can find Henry and Ribsy in the kids section.


  2. Hi B4
    It's great to see how you keep up your reading during the Summer break - well done!
    At the moment, in our class A Room with a View, the Horrid Henry series and the Jack Stalwart series are both very popular. We like reading Jack Stalwart because we love adventures! We're reading a book called 'The Boy who Biked the World" by a real adventurer, and that has whetted our appetite for books about kids who have AMAZING adventures! Do you have Horrid Henry and Jack Stalwart in your library?
    Mrs M & A Room with a View