Friday, February 17, 2012

Check for Understanding

It's always important to know what we are reading about 
so we love using this song  (via Ms Durning's 2nd grade blog)
in our Daily5 program 
to help us remember to use 
the reading strategy of 'Check for Understanding'.
Sing along with us:
(Tune: Hokey Tokey)
You have a great new book
and you've started to read.
You know a lot of words
but there's something else you need.
You must Check for Understanding,
ask 'Who?' and also 'What?'
That's what reading's all about!

What strategies do you find useful when reading?
What great books have you read lately?


  1. Hi B4,
    What a great song to help you remember to check for understanding when you are reading. The children in KD have just started practising `Read to self' and are up to 3 minutes stamina. We will keep trying a add a little bit extra everyday! When I teach the children to `check for understanding' I will show them your video. Do you know any other songs to match the strategies that you have been learning about?
    From Ms Dowling and KD

    1. Dear KD Tarris has a gruffalo too. The gruffalo is a teddy and it is snuggly. He likes it.
      Do you like your gruffalo? your friends Nathan and Tarris.

  2. Hi B4,

    We are starting our Cafe program tomorrow and I will love showing my students your song! Well done. Great song.

    We are reading Flat Stanley at the moment. What are you reading?

    Mrs Murphy
    3/4B in Victoria, Australia

    1. Dear Mrs. M
      This is Matthew and Ian. We like your comment. We are reading Mary Pope Osborne books. The characters are Jack & Annie.

      from Matthew and Ian.

  3. Dear B4,
    Thank you so much for teaching me a brand new song! We love Daily 5 and CAFE too, but I had never heard this song before and I think it is marvellous.

    Check for Understanding is one of my favourite strategies. Reading is definitely much more fun when you make sure you are understanding what you are reading. I also really like using back up and reread and you can't go wrong with voracious reading.

    Currently in our class we are reading two great novels during read alouds. In the morning we have been reading the Dinosaur Cove series. We are part way through the second book. After lunch we are reading Firewing. It is the third book in an amazing series by Kenneth Opal. Usually we wouldn't read a whole series, but the 2/3s literally begged to keep reading the books. They are very exciting and are full of adventure and suspense. I would love to hear what you all have been reading.

    Keep up the great work!

    Your friend,
    Mrs. W

    1. Dear Mrs Watson
      Thank you for your comment.
      Check for understanding is one of my strategies too. We have 3 choices - read to self. work on words and work on writing but we're having listen to reading next week.

      from Gand★ and Tyl☆ and Ni♔

    2. Dear Mrs Watson
      We are reading
      Dinosaurs Before Dark. It is fun.
      My favourite page is when Jack picked up the medallion.
      Thank you for your comment.

      From Luka★h and Stevie♥ and Elizabeth★

  4. Dear Mrs W
    We have a book about Dinosaurs Before Dark,
    and the characters of it are Jack and Annie.

    by Yaksh, your buddy.

  5. Dear Mrs . Watson
    We are glad you liked our song. your pals Neil and Kaeleb.

  6. Dear Mrs.Watson
    We hope you liked our video.

    Hi our names are Paige and Jiajia Xuan .We are in B4. We love reading too!
    We already have read to self, work on writing and work on words.
    your pals Paige and Jiajia Xuan ♣