Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Elements of Dance

Our theme for Dance this term is 'Adventures'. 
Through that theme we are exploring the dance element of 'Relationships'.
We were excited to notice that the performers in 
the Duffy Books in Homes performance 
used a variety of Relationships, Body Awareness and Space elements in their show.
Try the quiz on our slideshow and see how many 
you can identify!

Did you manage to correctly identify some dance elements 
in the quiz?
What type of dance do you enjoy?
Does your school have 'Duffy Books in Homes'?


  1. Dear B4

    I think that it is great how you have made a quiz on blog and yes I did get most of your questions right. Recently our learning team (called Kaweka) did a flash mob in front of the whole school which I had great time doing.

    Our school does not have a ‘Duffy books in homes’.

    Hope to keep in touch

    Room 24, Taradale Intermediate School

  2. Dear B4,
    Awesome Slide show!
    looks like you had some great fun, i really like how you asked questions during each slide and i enjoyed taking part of this quiz. At my school im also learning about Dance, and exactly the same elements. Dance is great fun dont you think? Its a time where you can move to the beat and go crazy! your blog is looking fantastic by the way.
    If you want to take a peak at my class blog here is the website: www.room24tis.blogspot.co.nz

    Really hope to keep in touch,

    from your pal at room 24, taradale intermediate school


  3. Hello B4
    That was a fabulous slide show. I think I got all the questions right! I especially liked how the slide show stopped for 5 seconds. It was very clever.
    At our school we unfortunately do not have Duffy Books in Homes. What are they like?
    From Eloise

  4. Atā Marie B4

    You have a great blog. On Friday our whole school did a Triathlon. The big kids did a lot of games and there were new games, including a chocolate fountain. It came with marshmellows!

    From Tori, Jennifer and Nouelle

  5. Good Morning B4 and Mrs McKenzie

    We love that you enjoyed Ormie the Pig too. Thank you for sharing the cross checking song with us. What are you going to put on your blog next? It was fun looking on your blog.

    From Danni and Lorna and Jade.

    1. Dear Danni and Lorna and Jade
      We like Ormie he pig and He is funny.
      and thank you for your comment.
      we like Harry Potter.
      Do you?
      Bye for now
      Ganda=)) andYaksh:)

  6. Hi B4

    We really like your blog and cross check song. We like your classroom and teacher.

    From Maggie, Jaide and Cole

  7. Kia Ora B4

    We did the Triathlon and we had games. Thank you for sharing the cross checking song with us.

    From Nikki, Emer and Joshua.

  8. Kia Ora B4

    Have you looked at our blog?

    From Brooke, George and Jahziah.

  9. Hi B4

    We like how you guys used a QR code on your blog.

    You must be superstars!

    From Hanna, Poutu and Nicholas

  10. G'day B4,

    What a wonderful post! I enjoyed the slideshow quizzes. Our grade had a go all together to answer them and we got them all correct!
    Oops! I almost forgot to introuduce myself. I'm Millie from 4KJ, Leopold Primary School, Australia.

    I do a sort of dance. Ballet. I do it on a Thursday and Tuesday night. We practice different steps and we have a few different dances we do. We also do character. We have black sort of shoes with little heels. In August we do an exam. We have do to al the steps and dances we've practiced and show them all to an examiner. It's a lot of fun.

    Somwhere near the end of the year we do a concert. With around about 4-5 dances. This year I'm in Grade 3 at ballet but in Grade 4 at school.

    Your blogging buddy,
    Millie :-)

    P.S We don't have Duffy Books in Homes' at out school.

  11. Dear B4,

    I am Skye from 4KJ, Australia.

    This is a fabulous post! I liked the PhotoPeach. It really makes the post stand out. I got all the questions right.

    Our school doesn't have Duffy Books in Home but it sounds interesting. I would love to read it.

    I do ballet, jazz and character. Character is kind of like tap dancing. It is a bit different though. I do ballet on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We have exams. They are not writing exams they are dancing exams. You have to memorise all the dancers and then perform them in front of an examiner. We have a concert at the end of the year.

    What type of dancing is popular in New Zealand?

    Your blogging buddy,


  12. Dear B4,

    My name is Hannah, I am in 4KJ.
    I like runng and I am a twin.

    I loved your slide show. I liked it how your blog post showed me some ways to dance.

    I do Hip Hop, it's when you do groovy dance moves and dance to fast music. Sometimes you can do cart wheels and you have to move your body.

    My class did the quiz we got every one correct.

    I need to ask you some things.
    What are Duffy books?
    What dose Duffy books in home mean?

    At our school we don't have Duffy books in home.

    Bye for now
    Hannah (4KJ) ;)

  13. Dear Open the Door to B4

    That is great that you are learning more about dancing. I think that it is also good that you put a slide show on about dancing and that you have a quiz about it so that others can know how much they know about dancing and how much they don’t know about dancing.

    I would love to learn more about dancing because I think that it is fun to dance and to sing. How many did you get right the first time you did the quiz?

    Yours sincerely
    Arielle, Room 24