Wednesday, April 4, 2012

'Eggsperiment' Update

A week ago we set up our 'eggsperiment'.
Today was the final day.
We poured off the vinegar and observed our egg.
The shell had gone!
The brown shell had disappeared, and all we could find of it were some little bits of brown scum 
floating in the jar.

The egg was still whole, and egg-shaped, but it felt soft and spongy.

We reviewed the predictions we had made 
at the start of the experiment.
None of them had come true!

We wondered what the egg was like inside. 
We decided to cut it open to see.
Check out what happened!

What do you think happened to the shell of the egg while it was in the vinegar?
Do you enjoy science?


  1. Dear b4
    when the egg eggsplod I was suprised! I do enjoy science, and I thought that the vinegar would come inside the egg, and the shell of the egg felt softer then I thought it’ll be, and it kind of felt like slug that got a little hard

    your =)) Gand&clubs:

    1. Dear Ganda
      I got a bit of a surprise when the egg splurted out too, even though I was expecting it!
      I like the words you chose to describe the feel of the egg. It did feel a bit like a slug didn't it!

      I hope you have a lovely holiday with your family. See you on the 23 April.

      warm wishes
      Mrs M♔Kenzie