Monday, April 2, 2012

Making Postcards about 'Our Place'

The Social Studies topic with Mrs Wistrand this term has been 'Our Place'. 
We were looking at how people use our environment;  describing our landscape, climate and buildings and how they influence people's activities
and how people use and have adapted our environment.

One of the ways we chose to present our information was by making postcards. 
Last year when we were involved in the Postcard Project  and sent postcards all around the world, we used commercial postcards.
This term we've enjoyed making our own.

We drew our own images of places around our town. 
For 'stamps' we used photos about the place we drew. 
Last week we sent our postcards off to the Year 7/8 students 
in Room 24, at Taradale, in the North Island.

As a class we came up with these descriptions of our ...
native trees and bush
river and rocks
flat farmland

rainy / wet
sunny / hot
cloudy / foggy, 
frosty / cold

many are wooden
simple shapes eg square with a triangle roof
one or two levels/storeys
a lot of old public buildings are now people's homes

What is your climate like?
How would you describe your landscape?
What type of buildings are common in your environment?

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  1. Dear B4

    When my teacher Miss Mcleod said the postcards have arrived I was so excited! When I read your post cards they were amazing and the had alot of detail put into the picture and the writing! I have never received a postcard before from another class so I was really excited!

    Did you enjoy my post card?

    Your blogging buddy,

    Cody, Room24