Friday, November 23, 2012

Far Away There is a Land Where ... (Innovating on a Mentor Text)

We read a beautiful story called 'Yardil' by Rosanna Hawke.

The storyline is lovely and the author has used a lot of strong words in her writing. 
We looked at the verbs (action words) that the author used.

We borrowed the structure of the first page to create our own pieces of writing about our town.

Can you share a strong sentence about your town?
Or maybe a strong sentence from a book you are reading?


  1. You have started the stories well.

    I liked the strong illustrations that match your starters as well.

    Are you going to finish the stories?


    1. Dear Allanah.
      our names are Louisa and Elizabeth. We are 7 years old.
      No, we just wanted to write the beginnings of the stories.

      your friends Elizabeth and Louisa

  2. Dear B4,
    I thought your writing was absolutely beautiful. I love the mind pictures I was able to make as I read your words. Maybe one day I will make it to Reefton to see the sights you described.

    Here is a sentence about my island:

    Far away there is an island where the deer roam free through the temperate forests, the whales rub on the rocky shores, and the eagles nest atop the tallest trees.

    Your friend,
    Mrs. Watson

    1. Dear Mrs Waston
      Thank you for the lovely comment.I love strong sentence words.Here are some strong sentences in this poem:
      The ravenour rhino is big strong and tough,
      But his skin is all baggy and flappy ,
      Which means that there”s plenty of room for his lunch,
      And that makes him terribly happy.

      I love strong sentences!

      Warm wishes from Lukah♥

  3. Hello B4,
    Your sentences are beautiful and I can clearly picture what it must look like where you live! It sure makes me want to see it for myself! Nice work!
    I'd love to try this with my class of grade 3 students, and after looking for the book, can't find it anywhere! I've checked my local libraries and even book stores. Do you have any suggestions on how I might be able to get a copy of this wonderful book!

    Thanks for sharing your learning with the world!
    Your Canadian friend,
    Mrs. Braybrook