Sunday, November 18, 2012

Using 'Forces' to Get Over the Troll's Bridge

We had a visit from Emily and Alan with 'Science in a Van'
They used the story of 'The Billy Goats Gruff' to 
teach us about the forces of push, pull and friction
While the big Billy Goat Gruff was strong enough to push the troll out of the way, 
the middle-sized Billy Goat Gruff

 and the littlest Billy Goat Gruff showed us how to 
use friction and pull to get over the troll's bridge.

Thank you Emily and Alan, we loved the science show.

Leave a comment and tell us how you use the forces 
of push, pull or friction in your life.


  1. Dear B4
    When we push the glue on the paper it will stick.

    by Olivia

  2. Dear B4
    When I ride my bike I push the pedals.

    from Liv

  3. Dear b4
    When I get in and out of the car I push the door shut and I pull the door open.

    from Elizabeth

  4. Dear B4
    I push my food down my throat with my mouth muscles.
    i push the trailer to get firewood.

    from Nikita

  5. Dear B4
    I push my pedals to school. I use friction when I rub the soap when I have a shower.

    from Divyash

  6. Dear b4
    I push the trailer. I push the pedals on my bike.

    by Lachy

  7. Dear B4
    How I push and pull. I push the computer keys and I pull the door to get through.

    from Emily

  8. Dear B4
    When I pull the girth to do the saddle on Penny I pull the girth.

    warm wishes

  9. Dear B4
    I push my bed because I don't like sleeping in the same place.

    from Tarris

  10. Dear B4
    I push the computer mouse back and I pull the mouse back and forward.

    your pal

  11. Dear B4
    At Science in A Van the people did the Three Billy Goats Gruff.
    This is how I use push and pull. I push the door when I go in my room.

    from Mason

  12. Dear B4
    We like the Billy Goats gruff. It was fun. Who's under my bridge?

    from Marcus

  13. Dear b4
    I use push and pull to brush my teeth.

    by Jia Xuan

  14. Dear B4
    I push my trailer and I'm helping my dad for getting coal in the trailer.

    by Gabriel

  15. Dear B4
    I use push and pull for pushing my door open and on my scooter I use my legs pumping the scooter to go faster.

    by Jordan