Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Friendly Attributes

We've been talking with Mrs Wistrand about what makes a good friend.
After brainstorming lots of words describing the attributes of a good friend, our classmates chose some words that 
suited each of us.
We glued our words onto the self-potraits we made.

Why do you like your friends? 
What makes them a good friend?
Can you describe your friend without saying their name?


  1. Dear B4,

    I think it is very cool that you are describing the personalities of your friends. I think that describing your friends out loud, it tells that you like your friends just the way they are. If you talk about your friends nicely you grow in friendship. Growing in friendship is very important to ,you, your classmates,and me. When you grow in friendship you can't let go to it. It is glued to you forever. You did very good on this project. I think that all of you are smart and brave enough to talk to your friends like that. Everyone should be.

    Techie Kids

  2. Dear Mrs. McKenzie,

    I like how they used colors that went together.

    I like my friends because I can talk to them about anything. They only laugh at me when I am funny, and they don't laugh at me when I fall. They are nice and funny.

    Techie Kid

    1. Dear Elizabeth
      The colors were tissue paper and my friend has black hair and she is called Jia Jia Xuan.


  3. Dear B4,

    I love your art work! Its WAY better than mine and I'm in 5 grade. You guys are very creative when it comes to art, so am I. How do you think of stuff like that? What kind of art work do you do? Oh and time to answer your questions. I like my friends cause I always have someone to: talk to, always something to laugh about, and always someone there for you. What makes them a good friend is thst they are always there for you. Ok the next one well,happy,funny,nice, loving,and kind. Please write back!!

    Your Friend,
    Techie Kids

    1. Dear Olivia
      My friend is helpful he helps me.
      He plays with me.
      He is nice to me.

      bye for now Caleb

    2. Dear Caleb,

      You must have some awesome friends. I have many awesome friends too. What else have you guys been doing in school? Like what activities do you do? We have fish fry on fridays where we cook fish and all eat together. We also have other cool stuff. Please write back!!

      Your Pal,
      Techie kids

  4. Dear B4,

    The students artwork is very unique,much better then me!The students are talented with art for sure,especialy when they are in 3rd grade.And I am in 5th grade!What artwork did you use?Did you use tissue paper?And about the question, I love my friends, they always stand up for me when something bad happends.Very nice and great!
    Your friend,
    Techie Kids

    1. Dear Techie kids I'am jordan I Love my art.
      Do you like art to.
      from Jordan