Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Beautiful Baked-dough Birds

As the culminating activity for the art unit on New Zealand birds (see our 'Cheeky Keas' and 'Perky Pukekos') the children made birds from dough, which were then 
baked and painted.
Here are some of the 'practice' birds:
and the completed birds:

What do you think of our birds?
Have you ever made art from dough?


  1. I think your birds are wonderful. Did you just use salt dough? I wonder where you are going to hang them? Your teacher must be very proud of what you have achieved. Well done.
    Mrs Eden

  2. Daer Mrs. McKenzie,

    I really like your dough birds. You must of spent a lot of time on it. I really thought your birds were cool.

    You asked if I have ever made anything from dough. I have never made anything out of dough. If I did make something out of dough it would be a tower. What kind of dough did you use?

    Techie Kids