Monday, April 15, 2013

Mystery Skype

Last week we did a mystery skype.
Mrs McKenzie first learned about mystery skpe calls from our friend in California, Mrs Yollis.

In a Mystery Skype call we have to find out the location of the other callers, hopefully before they guess where we are!
Before the call we prepared some questions to eliminate or confirm some areas of the world.
The questions had to be closed questions - the answers could only be YES or NO. 

Everyone had a job to do. 
The SPEAKERS asked and answered the questions.

Other students used the CAMERAS.

The ATLAS people were busy using the answers to the questions we asked. 
They had to eliminate or suggest locations.

The HELPERS took suggestions from the ATLAS people to the SPEAKERS.

The other class guessed first that we lived in New Zealand,  
but WE were the first to guess the actual location of the callers.
They were from Miss Panther's class in Greymouth, only 80km away from us!

Have you ever done a mystery skype?
What was your job during the mystery skype?


  1. It was so much fun! The Room 11 children were so excited to find out you were so class to us!

  2. Dear B4,

    Great Post!!! Our class has never done a mystery Skype call but it sounds very interesting! Also when we do Skype calls we only have one job and that's the speaker who talks into the camera on my teachers computer. Finally the ATLAS people must have been very busy trying to figure out who they were talking to!!

    Your Blogging buddy,
    Brendan (In Mr. Salsich's class)

  3. Pō Marie Mrs McKenzie and B4

    I was so interested to read that you took part in a Mystery Skype call. Marvin's iKids had a Mystery Skype call earlier in the term. It was very tricky working out where our callers were from. We got a big clue from their accents. They sounded very different from us.

    One of the iKids guessed that they were from the USA, as they sounded like a man on an Aquarium documentary that we had watched. He was right! We were so excited. We found out that the class that we were Skyping was Mrs Morgan's class. They were in Texas!

    You can read about our Mystery Skype call here:

    (You will need to copy and paste this into your browser)

    Have fun in the holidays!

    From Miss Revell and Marvin's iKids