Friday, November 1, 2013

The Global Classroom Scrapbook Moves On

A few weeks ago a Global Classroom scrapbook arrived in the mail for us. 
You can read about it in this post.

We've put together our pages for the scrapbook. 
Here are two of them:

Now it is time to send the scrapbook on to the next class.

Off it goes to a school in Milton Keynes, England!
We're looking forward to hearing that it has arrived safely.

Do you think a traveling scrapbook is a good idea?
How can it help us in our learning?


  1. What a great idea!!!

    Ms Golubeva, Russia

  2. Dear B4,
    That looks like an interesting project to take art in! What a very well travelled book. It is fantastic that we can find out so much about how others live and work around the globe, isn't it? I think it is especially useful when you live in a fairly isolated area; it opens up a whole new world! What did you find out from reading he scrapbook? Was there anything hat surprised you? Had the book already travelled to schools you have blogged with?
    You are a very well connected class! It is always enjoyable to read what you have been up to.
    Your friends in A Room with a View & Mrs Monaghan

    1. Dear Mrs Monaghan
      We enjoyed having the scrapbook because we could see what some other schools looked like. We even learned some words in other languages!
      The schools put stickers and pictures on their pages to make it interesting. We liked the designs and pictures.
      We were surprised that we are doing some of the same things, like one school did a concert and WE are getting ready for a concert!

      your blogging buddies
      B4 and Mrs McKenzie