Friday, November 8, 2013

Through the Window: Looking At Ourselves

We've been working with Mrs Wistrand to create these artworks, where we are looking at ourselves 
through a four-pane, white-framed window.
These are the pictures that gave us inspiration:
'Birds of a Feather'
Joanna Braithwaite

'Boy with Noah's Ark'
(1916, 1917)
Edith Collier

Our sepia-look picture has a photo of us now, with our baby photo in the background. 
The sepia effect was created with crayon and dye.

In the second picture we clothed ourselves with photos of something special to us.

The third picture, with our toys, was done using water colour pencils, high-lighted with vivid pen.

For the fourth picture we drew memories, using pastels in our school colours.

What would you include if you were making artworks like ours?
What inspires you?

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  1. Dear Lily We made a harakeke. Firstly I cut some flax, and then I put the long bits in order, then I folded them under and over then I cut the ends off.

    from Korbyn