Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Beyond the Square - Thinking Creatively

We noticed there has been a lot of rubbish lying around the playground, and we decided to do something about it.
Most of the rubbish was packaging from the lunch boxes!

First we investigated the rubbish by collecting it and sorting. We saved our own packaging each day too, and placed it on a continuum to show how good or bad it might be for the environment.

We buried a variety of the rubbish in the garden to see what would happen.

After one week in the garden

After two weeks buried in the garden

The food scraps went mushy and absorbed into the ground, but the packaging rubbish didn't disappear!
We started talking about solutions and explored this website to learn about 'Reduce, Reuse, Recycle'.

We learned about different materials used for packaging using this website.

Now we have our background knowledge, we are designing our own lunch boxes.

What does your school do to reduce the amount of packaging rubbish brought to school?


  1. Hi B4
    I have seen that you have been putting rubbish in the ground.
    Are you going to see which one rots away first?
    I hope that you lot are learning heaps.

    From Caleb in B3

  2. What wonderful learning B4. Our Enviro club is looking into the same thing at the moment. To encourage parents to use different packaging the children decided that they wanted to show how much 'bad stuff' is in all the packet food! We have converted the sugars to work out how many teaspoons of it are in each thing and we're going to make a wall display to demonstrate why that sort of food is not the best! Our students are hoping this might improve what goes into the lunchboxes around school and therefore reduce some of the rubbish we see after break times.
    Mrs P, B5,

  3. Our school had an inquiry focus on rubbish and recycling last year. We found that gladwrap and chip packets accounted for most of the litter that was around our school grounds. As a result of the inquiry, our enviroschool group decided we should become a 'wrapper free school'. This has been a challenge and we have had to think creatively. Children have encouraged their parents to buy bulk items rather than items in smaller packaging and lots of children use reusable bags or lunch boxes with several compartments. Every month or two the Envirogroup needs to remind our school community to keep working on our 'wrapper free' goal.....it's not always easy but something worth achieving. Good luck with your design task. We look forward to see them.
    Mrs Kitto (Clyde Junior rooms)

  4. I've just come across your blog and very impressed by all the work you are doing for your environment B4! I would LOVE to share some examples of your work on the national Enviroschools website. If you could send me your blog entries by email so I could put up on the Enviroschools website that would be most excellent. The latest waste audit at RAS showed a massive reduction in school waste and I'm sure your work has contributed to this. RAS's sustainability journey is enriched by the work you are doing and I really look forward to seeing where you direct your learning in 2016. Zoe Watson, West Coast Regional Coordinator for Enviroschools.