Sunday, July 5, 2015

Volcano Homework

Our school recognises the value of interactive homework, where parents and children work together to complete a task linked to the classroom learning.
The children were very proud of the volcano projects they completed with their families, and have been excited to share their work.

What do you think -should children have to do homework?


  1. Dear Students and Mrs McKenzie
    For the past few days we have been doing birds eye view of our classroom
    and our task was to ask a classroom if we could map your class please.
    From Rico and Cruz.

    1. Dear Rico and Cruz
      We are intrigued to know how you will map our classroom! But you are welcome to.

      Mrs McKenzie and B4

  2. As a teaching team we too value the learning and development of skills made through home-school projects like your volcano one. At the end of Ter, 2 our students also did an at-home project where they got to extend their learning about their favourite planet in the solar-system. The work was shared, displayed and celebrated in our own classroom but also by the rest of the team on a 'space-walk' through all the clasrooms

  3. Hi B4
    I like your volcanoes. I wonder why you made them? I wonder how you made them? I would like to make on at home.
    from Avie

  4. HI B4
    We liked you volcanoes. We would like to know how you made it bubble over? from Kenzie and Briar