Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Robots, Volcanoes and Little Pink Ponies

We are having such good fun in maths with our 

The pink ponies were surrounded by dangers 
(a volcano, some sharp 'swords', the stinging bees and the eye-pecking birds).

They needed to be saved, so we sent in the robots. 
Robots can do jobs that are too dangerous for people to do, 
but they can only do what they are instructed to do, 
so the programmers had to be very careful to give good directions. 
We had to use words such as left, right, forward, back, pick up, put down, & end.
We used trial and error to get our programming correct, and we really had to make sure we knew left from right!

Some of us had to rewrite our instructions to 
re-programme the robot, but each of the robots saved the ponies in the end.

We had a great laugh when Ben commanded Robot Taylah to go and pick up Mrs McK!

Do you have a good way to remember left from right?

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  1. Dear b4
    Hi its Zaria here,
    The way I remember my left and right is, I hold my hands up and see which one looks like L and that is my left.

    Warm wishes