Monday, May 3, 2010

Our School Sign

The Reefton Area School sign shows you what the school is called. The logo shows the mountains and Inangahua river and a lamp-post. Reefton is the town of light. It had the first public electricity in the southern hemisphere.
By Courtney and Myah.


  1. The school sign represents our school

  2. Me and Myah chose the Reefton Area School sign because we thought that it looked interesting.

  3. I think our school slogan is meaningful also. It is important to always be open to learning new things, even as an adult.

  4. The school logo sign has some mountains and a light and a river.

  5. Dear B4,

    I also like our logo.I also like the part that said 'tekato-ana te ako a mate-noa engage in life long learning'.

    By Tristan