Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pottery Studio visit

Yesterday Mrs Wistrand and some parents took the children to visit Chris Lewis' pottery studio at Blacks Point. This was part of the Science and Art topics for this term.
Thanks Chris for letting us come, and thanks to the parents who helped with transport and supervision.


  1. Mihihea RangihikaMay 27, 2010 at 8:27 AM

    i like the pottery wheel because it will spin the clay around.
    the electric kiln was electric.the cup are beautiful.those finshed bowl
    are nice and more cup.thank u to come to the Blacks Point pottery studio

  2. I think the pottery wheel look's cool. by myah

  3. Hello there Mrs McKenzie and 123Class. We are always amazed when someone finds our blog. How did you find us? We love your work and we think that your school looks like a great school for learning. Have you ever used 'CREATE A GRAPH' website. We collect heaps of data so we like the short cut sometimes. We are aiming for a student voki this week as a reward but your voice recording is great. What a lovely thing to send comments home to parents.
    Thanks so much for your comment...and the new flag.
    Mrs LYNCH and MLY

  4. I liked the pottery studio it looked cool and i liked the kiln it was nice of mr lewis to let us in side the pottery studio the best of all was the glass because it made it look nice and shiny

  5. On topic B4 goes to the potery studo.
    some parents go too cause they cars.
    there was pots.