Tuesday, May 4, 2010

'What Now' comes to Reefton

We were very excited that the TV show 'What Now' came to Reefton today. Weren't Miss Jackson and Mrs Webb brave to take part in 'Pack your Pants'! Everyone wanted some gunge. Watch out for the programme on June 13.
Do you think we might learn how to make gunge in our science topic 'Things that Ooze, Slime and Harden'?
Can you think what ingredients we might need to use?


  1. Miss jackson did awesome in what now she did pack your pants. Miss jacksons people were Summer, Andrew and Dylan, they did very well. My favourite part was when Tu was up on the trailer shooting out the balls. The funniest part was when he was lying on the trailer pretending to be asleep.

  2. Tessa said. I like what now and slam it was cool. some peoplp.

  3. Courtney and LilyMay 8, 2010 at 1:56 PM

    My faveroute part was when Tu was puting his thumb up in the air then turning it upside down.

  4. Tessa said. I like slam because it is cool.