Monday, September 20, 2010

More Capacity

Today we moved around stations and completed some more volume and capacity activities.

At Station 1 we predicted which container held more water, then counted the jugfuls needed to fill each one.

At Station 2 we worked independently completing a graphing worksheet.

At Station 3 we predicted which of 3 boxes had the greatest capacity and which had the least.

We checked our predictions by filling the boxes with cubes, then counted the cubes by putting them into tens and ones.                                              


  1. Dear B4,

    I like your different stations for investigating volume and capacity. Our class does something similar with weight when we study properties of matter around January.

    I think science is best when you get to get your hands on things, predict, and then test your predictions. It was also cool how you used math skills like graphing and counting by tens to look at your data.

    Nice work!

    Mr. Salsich
    (Connecticut, USA)

  2. Dear B4
    Thank you for commenting on our class blog. We are also a Year 2/3 class. What great things you do in your class. We could write letters to each other and share what we have been learning.
    Hope you have a great holiday.

  3. Hi Room 9
    That's a good idea to write letters next term. We will get in touch after the holidays.
    from Mrs McKenzie